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Welcome to Your Home realtors. We are an enthusiastic team of young and driven people who want nothing more than to help you realize and fulfill all of your housing wishes and needs. 

We don’t do smooth talk, but take the time to listen to the ideal vision of your home. This is why personal contact is one of the most important pillars of our company. You can call us at any time and we will be there. The same applies to meetings; if you would like to speak to us face to face or want to view a property, we will arrange a meeting at a time best suited for you. Regular office hours do not apply. 

Feel free to take a look at our website, and don’t hesitate to contact us to start making your housing vision a reality. So, shall we meet up soon? Coffee’s on us.  

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    Selling your house for the best possible price; it’s our shared goal

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  • purchase

    The Amsterdam real estate market is a complex and difficult market to navigate. We will find your dream home by helping you overcome obstacles and making sure you get the best deal. 

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  • rental

    When looking for the right tenant for your property, we like to think outside of the box

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What our clients says

These past years we have had the privilege of helping many clients. Whether it be purchasing their dream home, renting out a studio, or selling an apartment that was getting a little too small; we were there to help. We tackle each case with enthusiasm and determination, which in turn ensures that our clients get their desired results. 

We greatly value the opinion of our clients and realize its importance. Instead of us explaining why you should work with Your Home, we thought it would be better if you heard it from our clients themselves. We have collected numerous reviews from our previous clients for your reading pleasure. Just click here! 

Rating 9.5

Price / Quality
Local market knowledge
Service and guidenance

"Compleet transparant en maakt waar wat hij belooft"

- Daan, Churchill-laan
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"It was above expectations good"

- Aviva, IJselstraat
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"A very good experience with selling my house"

- Douwe, Tweede Jacob van Campenstraat
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"No slick talk but just human contact"

- Ananda, Riouwstraat
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"A relief compared to the other brokers"

- Roswitha, Utrechtsedwarsstraat
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"Easily accessible, pleasant in contact and no-nonsense"

- Eva, Jan van Mierlolaan
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"Follows his agreements and no blah, just super!"

- Michael, Vrolikstraat
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"negotiated the best possible price for my house in a respectful way"

- Steffen, Pieter van der Doesstraat
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Your first apartment, a pied-à-terre, a temporary living quarter, or your dream home; whichever type of home you are buying, it will always be a milestone. Every time one of our clients signs the closing documents we feel a pang of pride to have helped them with this process. 

Finding the perfect property for a client is a task we are more than happy to execute. 

There is a lot of movement in the Amsterdam housing market and new properties go on sale every day. We would advise you to keep an eye on our website and stay in the loop. Click here for our current and extensive selection of properties. 

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We are experts in the field of rental properties and know all of the ins and outs of the rental market in Amsterdam. When working with a client, we try to keep our methods as personal as possible. Firstly, we will contact you and determine exactly what type of rental property suits you best. After that, we will guide you on the path to your perfect rental home. Our selection of rental properties is constantly being updated; check out our website regularly to see the newest offers!  Click here for our extensive list of current rental properties.    

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