Corporate Housing Your Home

Housing your staff will cost your company a lot of work. Finding a suitable home that meets the wishes of the employee, the administrative activities associated with this and the lack of market knowledge will make it an expensive and time-consuming activity for your business.

You are looking for someone who takes care of this for you. A reliable broker who has knowledge of the current housing market and takes into account the needs of you and your employees. We can help you with finding suitable homes for your employees and take all the worries that comes with this out of your hands. We negotiate with the rental agency’s on your behalf and will ensure that the interests of you and your employees are guaranteed. Because we have substantive knowledge of the housing market, we can guarantee that you will never pay too much. We take the time to make an inventory of the needs of the individual employee so that we can ensure that we can quickly provide a suitable selection. We pick up the employee from his home or work to make a tour round. The employee can focus on making his choice without having to spend time on scheduling visits with different brokers. Of course we offer the possibility to do this outside business hours. If an employee has made a choice for a home we make sure that everything he needs till he moves in will be arranged. You can think of making the house ready for living, the inspection preparation, connecting gas / water / electricity , and arranging TV and Internet subscriptions. After we checked your employee in will we take care of possible calamities.

If your employee would like to buy a house, Your Home provides a solution as well. This process is often more comprehensive than renting a property. We also offer complete service here. From an inventory of the wishes till moving in to the new house, Your Home will stand by you and your employee.

We have fixed rates for our services so that you know in advance where you can count on. If you are enthusiastic about our corporate housing service and if you would like more information or schedule an appointment, please  contact us.