Mediation conditions and costs

Article 1 Definitions

In these conditions apply:

1.1 Your Home Real.

1.2 Client: Any natural or legal person that Your Home Realty has provided a reference for the mediation with accommodation and business space.

Article 2 Establishment Agreement

2.1 The agreement is concluded by signing the mediation agreement by the client.

2.2 Before an agreement is established, the client is obliged valid identity papers, if available, a recent Chamber of Commerce and financial data to Your Home Real. The information provided by the client will not be provided to third parties without permission.

2.3 All by Your Home Real made offers of housing or commercial premises, both written and oral, are optional. The client can not derive any rights.

2.4 If the client is eligible for residential housing for which a license is required, then obtaining this permit at the expense and risk of the client itself.

: 2.5 If the customer is not satisfied with the services obtained from Your Home Realty is the client free to post clear and substantiated explanation of the shortcomings, to switch to another agency. However, the costs incurred will like, map surveying the property, cadastre research costs, advertising costs and photographer costs are charged to the client.

Article 3 Activities

3.1 The commencement of work by Your Home Real made after receipt of a copy of the identity documents, financial data and the signed mediation agreement.

3.2 The work carried out by Your Home Real will be carried out include the preparation of a smart ad that will be offered through various housing ad sites, scheduling viewings, negotiating with the counterparty, making the preparation of a lease or purchase agreement, appointment the notary, inspection of the home and delivery.

Article 4 Payment


4.1 If Your Home Realty manages housing for the client, their family, or acquire other relationships here and a lease arises then client will pay a brokerage fee to Your Home Real. The commission shall submit to acceptance for receiving the key to be satisfied and costs: an amount equal to one month's rent (excluding 21% VAT) for each living space acquired by Your Home Real.


4.2 If Your Home Realty manages properties for the client, his relatives or other acquaintances to rent and a lease resulting therefrom then client will pay a brokerage fee to Your Home Real. This commission shall submit for approval of the transfer to be paid and the house is as follows: 8% of the first annual rent (excluding 21% VAT).

Rental / leasing other articles:

4.3 If service in the monthly rent and / or energy costs are included, it is also the brokerage based on this.

4.4 The amounts referred to in paragraphs 1 and 2 of this article once in Your Home Real owed.

4.5 The living space can not be involved earlier, than after the brokerage fee and rent due for the first month and deposit have been paid and the lease signed by the parties.

4.6 Any court costs and extrajudicial costs will be in default of payment at the expense of debtors come.


4.6 If Your Home Realty manages a living space for the client, their family, or sell other relationships than client a fee payable to Your Home Real. This fee amounts to 1,3% of the purchase price (excluding 21% VAT).


4.7 If the mediation by Your Home Realty for client derives a purchase agreement, the client is a brokerage fee of € 850.00 and 10% of the asking price and the final sales price difference in favor of the client

Article 5 Liability

1.5 Your Home Real Estate is not responsible for the way in which landlords before or after signing the contract, his obligations as a landlord. Client should always refer directly to the landlord.

2.5 Your Home Real can, partly due to its dependence on third parties for obtaining information, offer no warranty for the correctness, completeness and timeliness of the information provided by Your Home Real.

3.5 Your Home Realty is not liable for the amount of the rent, these are determined by the landlord.

5.4 The choice of a prospective buyer / lessee candidate rests with the client. Your Home Realty is not liable for non-fulfillment of obligations arising from a lease agreement.