After dreaming about owning your own home for years and trolling through at all the available properties on Funda, the time has finally come: you are going to buy a house. Or perhaps you have decided on a whim that it is time to purchase a home. Either way: it remains an important step. It is an exciting, yet trying process in which you can always use some help.

We are happy to provide the required assistance. Finding a suitable home in the Amsterdam housing market can be a real challenge. Buying the property for a good price is only one of many important facets; there are dozens of other things that need to be taken into account. Therefore, we will always give honest advice, even if this means advising against a specific choice. Our no-nonsense approach ensures a transparent and clear purchasing process. This ensures that you know exactly what you are buying. You’ll be able to move into your new home without any worries. 

Our process

Your Home is a realtor who is and will remain involved from A to Z. Read how we tackle the entire process below:



In the first phase, we would like to meet you and hear about your housing requirements. We don’t solely want to know about the ideal home; conditions such as what neighborhood it should be located in and what distance it should be to your work or to the city center.


Keep up to date with the market

We keep our customers informed about the current offers.



Next, we will take everything you have envisioned and make it into a reality. Together we will view multiple properties and find you your dream home. We will also make sure to steer you away from any potential bad choices. We will map out any defects in the property and give a clear overview of what renovation might be needed to fully transform the property into your dream home.



If you are ready to take the next step and are interested in a property, it is of the utmost import that we do additional research. What are the shortcomings of the home? How high are the heating costs? What rules do the Homeowner Association abide by? We examine everything to the smallest details, so that you are not faced with any surprises afterwards.



Ready to take that leap? Good news, because it means that we can start getting into the real work! We will advise a suitable opening / or final proposal based on everything that is known about the home and surroundings.


Purchase agreement

The champagne is about to be popped; the seller has accepted your bid. After everything has been thoroughly checked and we conclude that all contract details are true, both parties may sign.



After finalizing the purchase, it is very important that you get a mortgage for the home. We can help with all communication with a mortgage adviser or bank. We can also monitor all important data, such as the resolutive conditions. Mortgages aren’t easy, but we are here to make the process a lot easier for you.


Delivery & key transfer

While you pour that celebratory glass of champagne, the notary will start to draw up the deed of delivery and the mortgage deed. You will receive copies of all the files for your administration. After one final viewing of the house, where we check the property once more, it is time to sign the deeds. You are now the official owner of the property!


Long term

We like thinking ahead - after the purchase of your new house, Your Home stays involved. We remain available for any of your questions and will be ready to help you in any way needed.