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Eenvoudig verkoopproces - Your Home Makelaardij

Ik ben zeer onder de indruk van de persoonlijke en 'op maat' service van Your Home. Ik kan dit bedrijf aan iedere (ver)huurder en (ver)koper aanbevelen.
Cijfer: 10
Mevrouw Dolce
Waverstraat 60-1
Voor de eerste keer gebruik gemaakt van deze makelaar. Het contact is vanaf de eerste keer goed en vlot belopen.Makelaars zijn vriendelijk in het contact en zijn m.i. Ook deskundig. Het is een jong bedrijf en ze hebben hart voor hun zaak.Ze hebben ook snel een goede huurder voor mij geregeld en bij de check in is alles goed en professioneel verlopen.
Cijfer: 8
Meneer Wulms
Waterlooplein 21 C

Renting out your home to a good tenant for the best price. That is our objective. We have a close-knit team that is both agile and ambitious. We prefer short lines of communication and understand what renting out a home entails. We are purpose-driven and committed and look forward to helping you throughout the process. Employing our international network, we guarantee that we will find a reliable tenant for you.

Our rental team

  • Diederick Hoorn

    Diederick Hoorn

  • Fleur Schiering

    Fleur Schiering

Your Home Makelaardij heeft ons al meerdere malen geholpen bij de bemiddeling van de verhuur van een woning. Dit is altijd tot onze uiterste tevredenheid gebeurd. Potentiƫle huurders worden goed gescreend. Het papierenwerk en de financiele afhandeling is ook altijd goed. Dit bedrijf is een echte aanrader.
Jaap Luif, Barkasstraat 35
Cijfer: 10

Which steps will we take together?


1. Initial meeting

We start every process with a no-obligation intake at your home. During the meeting, we will get to know each other and we will explore the property. We will recommend any changes needed to get the home ready for the market. If you're enthusiastic, we will appraise your property.


2. Inform

There's quite a lot involved in renting out a property. There are several different contract types to choose from, and legal provisions to take into account and comply with. We are happy to provide all relevant information and give you tailored advice.


3. Photography

Good photos are essential to attracting potential tenants. They often choose a home based on a positive emotional response. Photos are a first step toward creating that emotion. Your beautiful home will be picture perfect!


4. Draft advertisement

A good advertisement will enthuse potential tenants. Our rental team will draft a professional advertisement which will stand out because of its beautiful images and no-nonsense text. We will write the advertisement in a manner that will invite candidates to schedule a viewing immediately.


5. Marketing

Yes! We're all set to share the property with the world at large. We will list the home on well-known rental platforms like, Pararius and, but will also showcase it on social media. Furthermore, we will share the home with our extensive network of expat agencies. That way, we know the advertisement will reach the right people. Here we go, let the viewings begin!


6. Viewings

Multiple potential tenants have called in. Now it's time for us to get started with showings of your home. We invite the candidate tenants and plan appointments to suit your schedule. Each individual viewing will be conducted by us personally and we will make sure that prospective buyers will leave with an excellent impression of your home and that all their questions are answered.


7. Candidate screening

The first rental proposals have been received from potential tenants. We specialize in thorough candidate screening. We ask potential tenants to send us detailed (financial) information. We also apply our own screening tools to achieve a well-rounded impression of the candidates. We will sit down with you to evaluate and discuss this information.


8. Contract screening

Congratulations, we have found a suitable tenant! It's almost time to open that bottle of champagne, because the next step is to draft the rental contract. We have all the necessary expertise in-house and are on top of all recent developments in the field; ensuring that legal mistakes are prevented. We will draft the rental agreement and walk through it with you, so that you are completely aware of what it entails.


9. Check-in and key exchange

Once all parties have signed the contract and the tenant has paid the rent and security deposit, it's time for the check-in. At check-in we inspect the property thoroughly and document its condition by taking pictures and completing a check-in report. This clearly establishes what the property looked like before the tenant moved in. Next is the key exchange, so that the tenant can settle into his/her new home.


10. Long-term

We prefer planning for the long term, which means that our collaboration does not end with renting out the property. We will stay in touch, and will continue to be available to answer any of your questions. Of course, we would also be happy to help you rent out any other property you may have.

What are the subsequent steps

First, we look forward to scheduling a no-obligation appointment. During this meeting, we will take you through the process step-by-step and inform you fully about the practicalities and various aspects involved in renting out your home. We will also give you an appraisal immediately. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Make an appointment immediately
Diederick Hoorn

Diederick Hoorn

Zeer prettige makelaar met oog voor detail en visie op de huidige markt. Luisterde goed naar mijn wensen en hield hier consequent rekening mee. Vriendelijk en sociaal met duidelijk verstand en kennis van zaken. Echt een aanrader!!
Cijfer: 9,5
Ron de Groot
Driehoekstraat 88
Samenwerking met Your Home is prima. Deskundig en klantgericht. Reageren snel op vragen en goed bereikbaar. Intake en outtake verlopen soepel. Heldere website met duidelijk aanbod. Hebben een goed netwerk in de markt.
Cijfer: 9
Gerard Lommerse
Onstein 58