You have decided to take a leap and sell your home! Naturally, you want this to be done quickly and professionally. The situation calls for a real estate agent who is fully committed to selling your home for the best possible price. If you choose to work with Your Home to sell your property, you can be sure that we will make the demands stated above a reality. You will experience a smooth sales process, in which your home will be sold quickly and without any hassle. And for the best price, of course.

A combination of our many years of expertise in the Amsterdam housing market and the knowledge of our in-house stylist Chantal, helps us create the optimal presentation for your property. Get in touch with us and experience our targeted service (link to contact header).  

Our process

You can find a step-by-step explanation of our sales process below: 



during this initial phase, we would like to meet you and view the property that is going to be sold. We will go the extra mile for you by taking a personal approach towards the sale of your home.



It is important that we get a clear picture of the property that is going to be sold. That is why we request that you complete a questionnaire and provide us with the necessary documentation.



Our stylist Chantal will visit you and provide clear advice and the necessary accessories to make your home look perfect. After the interior styling, the home will be photographed by our skilled photographer. We will make sure that your home is presented in the best conceivable way. It is possible to request that the accessories remain in the home during the sales process. This service is fully included in the price.



‘Show, don't tell’ is our philosophy. An image says more than a 1000 words and we like to use this very powerful medium. We always work with a professional photographer to ensure your property is shown in the best possible way.



The property must be measured in accordance with the NEN 2580 standard. During this step, the exact dimensions of the house are recorded, after which we will make a 2D and 3D floor plan.



With the right advert you can make a good first impression. With the professional photos we’ve already taken, we will prepare a great advertisement with a clear and concise text highlighting the unique selling point of your property.



Time to share your property with a big audience. After we have created an advertisement that fully shows off your property, we distribute it through the relevant channels such as and In addition to the classic channels, we also use social media. Social media channels are indispensable for the promotion of your home. We will create a professional digital brochure of your property, in which all relevant documentation and information can be found.


The viewing

During this particular step, requests are converted into real-time viewings. We won’t limit ourselves to regular office hours. The viewings will be scheduled when it suits you best.



When interested parties contact us, they might choose to proceed with either individual negotiation or make a one-off proposal. We will involve you during the entire process and provide you with advice.


Purchase agreement

Is your property located outside of Amsterdam? If so, we will prepare the purchase agreement. If the property is located within Amsterdam, we will instruct the notary to draw up the purchase agreement. The deed of delivery and purchase agreement will be thoroughly checked and if you have any questions, we will do our best to answer them.



Congratulations! Your property has been sold! Together with the buying party, we will inspect the property and note the meter readings. We then go to the notary for delivery. The deed of delivery and invoice statement will once again be thoroughly checked one final time!

Information about the house

Your information


Every home is different and we adjust our services accordingly. The brokerage fee that we charge therefore depends on the value of the home. Below you will find a table with our competitive fees. Please be aware that all our fees are including 21%VAT

Houses from € 0 € 250.000 1,5% including vat
Houses from € 250.000 € 400.000 1,3% including vat
Houses from € 400.000 € 750.000 1,1% including vat
Houses from € 750.000 € 1.500.000 1,3% including vat
Houses from € 1.500.000 € 5.000.000 0,9% including vat

Start-up costs € 600.00 including 21% VAT

In addition to the aforementioned brokerage costs, we apply a start-up fee. You can expect the following products and services from us.

  • Professional photography, including a photo and clip of 365 degrees
  • advertising costs including presentation package
  • Measurement report according to NEN 2580 standard and 2D & 3D floor plans
  • Website with all the details of your house (digital brochure)
  • For Sale board
  • Facebook campaign
  • Top advertisement (1 week)
  • Styling advice from our stylist including extra decoration of the house for an optimal sale